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The Toon Squad is a fun collection of 10,000 unique digital cartoons with over 220 traits of faces, hair, hats and more, taking us on a journey to embrace our inner Toon. We aspire to bring joy and fun to people, while building a decentralized environment we truly believe in. Let’s grow, learn, discover and experiment together with the next big revolution in human history and build an exciting entertainment franchise of the metaverse and beyond.
Joining the Toon Squad not only gets you one of the dopest PFPs on the blockchain, but your collectible doubles down as a membership card to an exclusive community with like minded people, continuous utility and opportunities to create beyond your wildest dreams!

  1. Access to an exclusive Squad of creative Toons looking to expand and evolve together in a community-first environment (ToonDAO).
  2. Exclusive vote on the future of the Toon Squad and Roadmap vToon.1!
  3. A freakin’ cool Toon Squad PFP that provides commercial rights to the asset you own, along with the opportunity to obtain licensing to the entire IP.
  4. Access to the Toon Squad WAGMI Fund for immediate utility through giveaways and exclusive collaborations. As well as the potential to have YOUR project funded!
  5. Early access to all future Toon Squad products and developments, including our hyper casual games.

Wanna deep-dive into our project?
Check out our litepaper.
STAGE 1: Skribbles
Q4+, 2021

The Origin

We create an all inclusive and diverse PFP collection with a highly relatable cartoon style. The Toons are digitally hand-drawn by our artist TrippingNoodle and randomized by code using an advanced rarity system.

Q1, 2022

The Toon Squad

We won’t be flying to the moon by ourselves! Led by HumansOfTheMeta, the Toon Squad sets out on a mission to build one of the greatest communities in Web3. Join us on Twitter, Instagram and Discord to become part of the Squad!

The Great Toonation
Q1, 2022

Toon Games & Giveaways

To ensure the community remains engaged while awaiting public launch, we will have some fun events within the community and provide giveaways for Allowlist spots and Toon Squad NFTs. Join the fun!

March, 2022

Mint Site & Smart Contract

We deploy on the Ethereum network through a standard ERC-721 smart contract. Our amazings devs Merc0 and LaughingWhales will optimize the code for low gas fees and provide top quality to ensure a smooth drop. We will provide full transparency prior to mint by making the smart contract publicly available.

STAGE 3: Take Off
March 18th, 2022

Toon Squad Drop

Get on board, it's time for the Toon Squad to take off! Our launch will be divided into a pre-sale with a discounted price for allowlisted individuals, followed by a public sale for everyone. Exactly 24 hours after the completion of the public sale, the Toon Squad NFTs will be revealed!

Sold Out 100%


The WAGMI Fund is controlled through the ToonDAO and established for two purposes: 1) immediate utility to holders of the collection via giveaways (NFT, Merch, Toys, Prints, etc.) and 2) funding YOUR projects from within the community to further develop the Toon Squad brand and IP! The Fund comprises 20% of all mints and 20% of all royalties from secondary sales!

Q2+, 2022

Mission Famous

Mission Famous is about bringing attention and stable growth to the Toon Squad Brand and we will create fun experiences for the masses by expanding into the Free to Play (F2P) gaming market. Hyper casual games will allow us to effectively bridge Web3 with Web2 and ensure the Toon Squad is at the forefront of mainstream NFT adoption.

Roadmap vToon.1



Artist, Project Lead, Marketing

Hyper casual game-dev and independent publisher with 4+ million downloads worldwide. Has a background in visual arts and loves getting projects off the ground.


Smart Contract

Multi-cycle blockchain developer focused on EVM based protocol design and implementation. Has worked on everything from Identity to Defi and NFT Smart Contracts.


Community Manager, Marketing

A Finance and Accounting Professional with a passion for community, blogging and blockchain. Actively involved in various Gaming, Crypto, and NFT communities.


HC Game Development

Hyper-casual game-dev wizard who works closely with his wife. Has over 100 million downloads worldwide and knows the F2P mobile gaming market better than anyone else.

Laughing Whales

Frontend & Web3 Dev

Loves blockchain, Reactjs and eating fish. Is The largest known animal to have ever existed. Has a Torpedo-shaped body and a non-flexible neck. Enjoys eating krill, fish, zooplankton.












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